is Tottenham Hotspur the benchmark of Arsenal ??

Rivalry in football makes the game more fascinating. The rivalry between Arsenal and Spurs dates back over 100 years, and originated in the manner that Arsenal arrived in North London. Rivalry is good for the game but should a team place more focus on a rival team’s performances or rather in trying to win trophies.?

Arsenal loses the plot when they ‘set’ Tottenham Hotspur as the benchmark and always willing to finish above them, even if it is in mid-table.The #chokingCockerels as some may call spurs last finished above Arsenal in 1995. This should tell Arsenal that the benchmark should not be the rival team which has achieved lesser in history than the gunners but rather, the teams always fighting for the ultimate crown. Considering Arsenal’s shaky start to the season, 3rd place spot was a big achievement but not the spot a team like Arsenal should and must be proud of.

Chelsea‘s champions League glory yesterday means that there will be no champions league football at the White Hart Lane next season. A section of Arsenal fans preferred no champions league football at the White Hart Lane next season to Chelsea winning the trophy.  Another section preferred that Arsenal should have been the first to bring the trophy to London to Chelsea doing it. I preferred the latter because a team must try to achieve the greatest glory and by so doing will put its rivals in the shadow. Manchester United has done this for years and that has made them the most successful team in England.

3rd place is not glory and it is not success. Spurs will not play UCL football next season but both Spurs and Arsenal went without a trophy. Manchester City with their rich owner are now back into the picture. They are a great force. Chelsea’s champions league victory will enhance the club’s attractiveness in Europe. This can influence their transfers greatly. Manchester United  has always been there. Those are the teams Arsenal should seek to compete with and finishing above Spurs, winning trophies and other glories will come with them. Spurs are always going to be in Arsenal’s shadow.

Though the club did so well in the past years to stabilize its finances, it must strive hard to complement that achievement with trophies.

  • Arsene Wenger must invest tremendously but wisely in player transfers. Players’ wages must be improved.
  • The club must seek to retain their best players with lucrative deals.
  • In winning a trophy, a team must learn to be ruthless at times.
  • Rivalry is good for football. 2 teams can only meet twice in an EPL season, hence more attention should be placed on intense and fearless competition with the top teams.

Lukas Podolski has already been signed by Arsenal but many names have been linked to the club. M’villa’s deal is believed to have been completed. Hazard, Kagawa, Vertonghen, Demba Ba and Dempsey have all their names mentioned on Arsenal’s wish list. These players have their sights set on trophies, money and first team football. Is Arsene Wenger going to sign them to influence Robin Van Persie to put pen paper on paper to sign a new contract?  Arsenal has not lost its attractiveness but all these factors (trophies, money/wages and first team football) come to play in player’s decision in wanting to play for the club. Many players have been poached by Arsenal and transfers never came to reality.. Juan Mata, Gary Cahill, Alverez and others had to sign for other clubs because Arsenal was not willing to pay their price tags. Cahill and Mata will not  regret their move to Chelsea. Manchester City and Chelsea have proven that trophies can be won with good investments. Arsenal must buy but buy relevantly. Hoping Jan Vertonghen’s deal wont end up like the others.

Arsenal must make sure they point Spurs in the direction of the trophy cabinet where the ‘Finishing above Tottenham’ Cup will proudly sit……

congrats to Chelsea FC and happy Sunday to you all

written by Acquah Dave Nana

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