Gervinho’s Fact File

Currently, He may not posses the potency before goal but he has talent as huge as his forehead.The former Lille winger completed a transfer from Lille to Arsenal for a fee believed to be around £10.8 million.  He has since made 31 appearances and hitting the back of the net 4 times and also with 8 assists to his name.

Gervinho 24, may currently not be popular among Arsenal fans  because of his poor finishing and indecisive nature in the final quarter of the pitch but that to me, should not demoralize the talented winger.  Though the EPL is a different ball game, Gervinho has to be right up there with Scott Parker and Sergio Aguero when you think about the signings of the season so far. UNFORTUNATELY FOR NOW IT IS NOT SO.

Gervais Yao Kouassi has the following as his stats :

  • STRENGTH :  low center of gravity with impressive dribbling skills.. He has the ability to attack opposing defenders without fear. Yao can push defenders into their shells.
  • STYLE:   He is a tricky pacey winger. This poses threat to opposing players.The player’s ability to run into spaces and behind defenders can only improve his play. Such runs are possessed by only few players. Darren Bent is one common example of a player with such great attribute.

Just like any other signings, Yao Kouassi will prove his worth with time. He has the talent and the ability to make it at the top level. He needs to build up his confidence. Great wingers always learn from one another. Ashley Young‘s ability to push defenders backward,his twists and turns, cuts in and curls the ball into the back of the net make him a great kid on the pitch. Yao needs to learn some of these important tips to improve his play. He may not have the crossing abilities of Antonio Valencia and Ashley Young but he possesses a better, stronger dribbling and tricky abilities than Valencia, this he must use very well.


The former Ligue 1 winner knows the challenge of the EPL and knows he still needs to work harder to help his current team.

He says “There have been different things to deal with on the pitch and I think that my career has come on a lot since I have been here,” Gervinho told Arsenal Player.

“It is something I am really pleased with because so much has improved. Being here in England can only be good for my game and my career. I am happy with how I approached and came into English football and I think that my first year has gone well.

“I have adapted to the club, I have settled into the group and I get on well with everyone. We have two months left and it can get even better. But I am really enjoying it and determined to keep it going.

“There have been lots of good moments, but it has been difficult too. Coming to another club can be hard but each time I play for Arsenal it is special. I am happy coming to a club like this with such good players.”

To conclude with, Gervinho may not look as stylish as Nasri and has not attracted as much attention, but he possesses some qualities of former gunner Ljungberg who would often be running onto the end of through balls to score rather than creating a piece of magic with some wonderful vision like Pires or, the real Samir Nasri. Next season will be a greater test for the Ivorian. I hope he comes back next season with a huge confidence and a nice hairstyle (lol)….  I PERSONALLY DO NOT MISS NASRI BECAUSE I BELIEVE GERVINHO WILL ONLY GET BETTER… what about you??


Arsenal’s Season So Far

Arsenal, now above their noisy neighbors on the table, Spurs? @jackwilshere needs to remain calm until the final 8 matches of the season are played.The talented midfelder tweeted earlier this season: ‘All spurs fans buzzing that they are ahead of us in the league (for once). Its a marathon, not a sprint! ‘I tell you what at the end of the season if spurs finish above arsenal I will give £3000 to charity and if arsenal finish above spurs every spurs fan that follows me must send me a pound each and I will give it to the Jack Marshall charity! The midfielder who has been sidelined for the entire season hopes to recover early for the euro tournament.

Arsenal’s season got back to its shape after impressive performances few months ago which won the Arsenal first team tactician, his 12th manager of the month award in February, Arsene Wenger is likely to win his 13th, this month.

the team must be given the collective praise for the way they have turned their play around.. Though some few players need to pull up their weight, every single player has developed quite well.

alex S O N G –
the Arsenal Defensive Midfielder has been a @cesc4official for some time now setting up breathtaking passes to a couple of players. Arsenal fans can confidently say then, that the matured DM learned some few tips from the former Arsenal play-maker, Cesc Fabregas. He has learned to press forward to support attack and also defend impressively. He is no doubt an unsung hero of the team now.

The 24-year-old Cameroonian international has been liberated by a flexible midfield three and passes the ball beautifully. He has matured considerably over the past 18 months, adding vision, and improved technique to his list of attributes, taking his game to the next level.

thomas R O S I C K Y

The 31 year old attacking midfielder recently signed a new contract with arsenal after showing it clearly on the pitch that he still got his flair on his feet. His impressive runs and attacking mentality have seen him leapfrog Aaron Ramsey in the first team selection. The former Borussia Dortmund midfielder has been tremendous for the team this season and has won the hearts of many arsenal fans. He is preferred to Ramsey by most arsenal fans.

robin van  P E R S I E

undoubtedly the player of the season in the EPL.

mikel A R T E T A

Few words cannot describe him. Arteta is a whole post i will work on soon. He is adept at his position. He can not only perform the role of Alex Song with relative ease, but also that or Ramsey/Rosicky with no qualms. He forms a perfect adhesive to the midfield unit, and helps in constructing build up play. He has an astute vision. Though some may argue it may not be as sharp as that of Fabregas, or not as perfect as Paul Scholes, Arteta is blessed with vision.

Arteta brought into the Arsenal team an air of calmness that is not only pleasing to the eye but also very vital to the Arsenal side. He hardly places a foot wrong. He would rather, the ball stays with his side than to be lost to the opponent.

He has been a dead ball specialist and he demonstrated that in his game against Aston Villa last weekend. With Arteta’s classy footballing qualities, Arsenal’s midfield is in safe hands.

With the season coming to an end, Most Arsenal fans hope Wenger can wrap up various important signings as early as possible to help the new players blend well with their new team players.

  • Though Mario Goetze has signed a new contract with Dortmund, a good and reasonable amount of money can price him out of the German outfits.
  • Lukas Podolski is likely to be the first player to be signed this summer.
  • Jan Vertonghen, the Belgian midfielder would not mind a move to the Emirates this summer. He is no doubt a talented and a versatile defender who can play every position at the back four. Jan has expressed his desire to join Arsenal and this should give the manager a green light to place in a deal for him
  • Hazard– a good player but flirts a lot with many teams. An Arsenal material in terms of his play but not an Arsenal material in terms of his flirting character. Not signing him will not be a failure.

Come on you Gunners lets finish 3rd AND if possible 2nd.

Come on you Gooners/Goonerettes lets cheer the team to glory.

born a Gooner, live a Gooner and die a Gooner..

ARSENAL – a team to love and adore !!


“a precise through ball by Fabregas splits the defence apart and leaves Walcott free to spring beyond the last man before dragging the keeper out of position and squaring it to Van Persie to tap it into an empty net” and “cesc fabregas once again splits the tothenham defense apart with a precision of a surgeon”

These were some of the few popular words commonly and frequently heard from commentators on fabregas when he played as playmaker at the heart of arsenal midfield…wenger built his next generation of weapons at the armoury square after The Invincibles around a certain fabregas who was 16years then. wenger said “if at his age every player tends to give him ball to distribute then he is a good player. ” arsenal’s 4 3 3 formation with fabregas at the center of play was delight to watch. with fabregas  in a game, venoms in a form of RVP, Walcott and Adebayor were unleashed on defenders. defenders had to work all day to prevent being split apart. though arsenal’s next generation of built around fabregas won nothing, they were pleasant to the eyes. though the team mostly struggled without their playmaker due to injuries, they always got back to form when he returned.

arsenal’s current 4 3 3 formation seems to be failing with the departure of cesc fabregas and samir nasri. the team now lacks the ball passing precision from their former playmaker. Mikel Arteta is a wonderful spaniard who is also a delight to watch. Arsenal’s new spaniard may not be a better playmaker than fabregas, he has the spirit of a gunner. He is a fighter and relevant to the team.


Arsenal needs to test other formations especially 4 4 2 formation since the 4 3 3 is failing us. Arsenal‘s new boy Park is yet to have more epl games under his belt but has since not failed to show his presence for his country. Park can pair RVP in the attack in the 4 4 2 formation, with walcott or  chamakh coming on for any of them. Arshavin23 is a lazy but a creative player. He can let the ball work for him by giving absolutely intelligent passes when he finds himself in the middle of our games. The truth is with AA23‘s creativity and attacking sense, he can also play just behind RVP to help bridge the attack with midfield


LM-Santos1/Ashavin23 CM-Song/ Wilshere CM- Arteta/ Ramsey RM- Benayoun/Walcott/Chamberlain

The midfield can be filled with variety and this is where the problem lies currently not our back 4. if Arsenal’s midfield is weak due to wrong selection or bad pairings, effect is hugely felt at the back 4. Midfield of arsenal is suppose to be as effective as possible to help the attack and the defense simultaneously.  with the emergence of lazy and less combative WINGERS in 4 3 3 at arsenal, pressure always befalls on the RB and the LB to support in attack, hence always seeing Sagna and GIbbs  in attack. This leaves the defense slightly depleted when there is counter attack. in our 4 3 3 formation individual players have very unique assignment on the pitch hence failure to do them well, the team suffers.

  • Playmakers in 4 3 3 must be at their best to win games.
  • DM must be at be his best to shield the back 4
  • LB and RB would have a lot of rounds to make to help in attack and easily fatigued if the wingers fail to fall back to help in defense. arsenal wingers arshavin and walcot never help the RB and the LB so 2 CBs always have to move to cover the RB and the LB when they are attacking…awful
  • Wingers must be creative and intelligent to put pressure on opponent. they always have long runs to make to help the defense if possible..

4 3 3 is a strong attacking football formation, hence a more intelligent midfield combination coupled with tricky wingers win most games..this is what mostly happens at fc barcelona.-xavi iniesta busquet- with pedro and messi as wingers. Balls hardly gets to the defense then, because the game is controlled and mastered at the heart of midfield. the trianglular football is well used if the formation changes to 4 5 1 during games.

4 4 2 would help reduced injuries, fatigue and other stress on players.. Manchester united plays without a playmaker and still wins games because responsibility is shared across board. LB,RB have efficient overlapping with the LM and RM. Less injuries because players share responsibilities. but most importantly, Wayne Rooney who comes behind to support midfield, kind of a free role enables all departments to be well bridged. I see Park doing that work of Rooney to bridge our game and less release pressure on our back 4 since our midfielders will be at it.

why would a midfield of  ===young-carrick-anderson- nani=== win games for man utd while a silky midfield of ==Ramsey-Song-Arteta=== struggle to make impact? too much on load on these 3 midfielders whiles wingers relax and waste balls… Wenger needs to collapse the wingers and give extra feet at midfielder  and another extra to play with or behind RVP

There is no harm in trying but i know Arsenal Fc would be back stronger if all internal errors in all departments are well fixed because we have the talents..we need to work harder..


unfortunately the 4 3 3