why RVP will stay at Arsenal

His scoring form has been nothing short of sensational, banging in 30 Premier League goals to win the golden boot. His ability to assist too, playing as part of an attacking triumvirate based on fluidity, raw pace and direct running, has seen him have more involvement with goals than any other player in the Premier League this campaign.. He is the flying dutchman, Robin Van Persie. Firstly, he kicked off 2011, continuing to do so all the way to the end of the season, by breaking the record for the number of consecutive games in which a player has scored a goal away from home, by collecting one on the road for nine successive games.RVP had joined an elite group of players that had scored over 100 career goals for The Gunners – he is currently the seventh highest goal scorer of all time and now  the fifth player since the Premier League was formed in 1992 to score at least 30 goals in a calendar year.  well Robin has individual awards this season to his name for this tremendous performance..Now let’s get to his contract


this is what the dutchman said before the season ended;

I have been at the club for eight years and I am proud of that.

I am a true Gunner. I love this club and that is no secret.

I will sit down with the manager and president at the end of the season and we will have coffee together.

We will talk about many things but I already do that quite often with the manager anyway.

Arsenal fans could forgive Robin for wanting to move on now if he decides to. He’s in his peak flow, he’s 28 and the clubs that consistently find themselves among the silverware are struggling to cut it at the top level HOWEVER

does van Persie owe it to Arsenal to extend his contract?

Robin who joined Arsenal from the dutch side Feyenoord has endured an injury plagued career at the club. Arsenal was lucky to have him play 80% of their season without an injury. The Dutchman could have driven the club to win several silverwares if he had had a complete season. The little Mozart, Rosicky is no different from these injury stories.  He currently extended his contract just to show appreciation to the club and the fans for their undoubted support, faith and patience they had in him throughout his injury spell. Such act i will personally call L O Y A L T Y !  This, many fans will wish RVP followed suit. Abou Diaby can’t come back from his chronic series of injuries to have a good full season and opts to move out when he was not earlier kicked out by the club for playing in fewer games. ARSENAL has had faith, patience and love for RVP. They have showed him loyalty beyond reasonable doubt and he has done same for 8 years. If he leaves this Summer, the retrospective on his career in North London will be a study of what could’ve been rather than what it was. Robin should finish what he’s started.


At Arsenal, Robin is building himself a legacy. It’s rare for someone to have the kind of sustained purple patch that the Dutchman has this year, nobody at the club will ever forget it. If he decides to hand Arsene Wenger back the armband and head off to Spain next season, then that will be the defining memory of this year. Some good players thrive well in a team where they are made as the focal point.. Currently things evolve around the Dutchman at Arsenal. He was not as prominent as he is now when the club was stacked with so much quality. Patience and continuous development has brought him this far. He may be the same kind of player in a different team, maybe he may not. BUT TO EMPHASIZE THIS AGAIN, the Italian league is not the right league for him considering his injury history. THROW STONES AT ME .

My post is not to say that Robin will definitely sign a contract extension but to re-affirm the possibility of he putting pen on paper to sign. He, thus, would be justified—at least in the estimation of some—if he decides to leave to a club like Barcelona, a club that can guarantee him silverware.

If he decides to leave, he wouldn’t be short of suitors. Rumors have linked him with Spain’s two top clubs, and even with the cash rich Manchester City. Many call Arsenal the feeder club of  Man city, well those who do that have their own reasons but my own reason will be like they are on DRUGS.

Another monster has been unleashed at the Emirates, Lukas Podolski is hoping to play along the Dutchman and many hope to see this come to reality. Lukas is not a replacement of RVP but to add up to the fierce force of the Arsenal Armour.


He said “I don’t mind where i play on the pitch as far as it’s at the forward”. Playing along RVP will be a great sight for the gods.

RVP is currently making sure that Wenger has plans to bring in new big names. He expects that Podolski will not be the only big name arriving. Many believe , the delay in signing is just to spark up the board, the club and the manager on the urgency of bringing in experience and big names.This is an impressive tactic being adopted by RVP since it will go a long way to help the club, and perhaps bring silverwares to the Emirates and lastly put smiles on the faces of the fans. If that is your reason RVP, then all Arsenal fans support you otherwise………

Arsenal loves RVP and  RVP scores when he wants, he signs when he wants.. Arsenal does not need Batman, they have Robin..


leave your comments, time for breakfast !!

Written by Acquah Dave Nana (DNA),

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5 thoughts on “why RVP will stay at Arsenal

  1. That’s an extensive analysis of the situation. RVP is staying. This is his best season ever. And the potential is there. The only problem is AW. With Man City, Man Utd, Chelsea all seeking for glory next year, failing to strengthen the side could spell doom for Arsenal.

    Wish West Ham luck as we meet Blackpool at Wembley. We miss whipping your arses lol. #Hammers4life

  2. Nice one man. Nice article. Even tho am not a gunner, i would love to see him play in the epl next season. I would we rather lose the league to arsenal than to see city win it again. I expect the league to be more competitive next season. You are a good writer. thumbs up!

  3. hahah jerome are are a west ham fun??/ wooow !!! @abeiku thanks man

  4. hope rvp will sign the contract.nice article keep it up

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