Wives of Arsenal Players Pt.1

They may not play on the pitches with their husbands but importantly, wives of Arsenal players also play role in the success of their husbands’ careers.

know your players’ spouses

thomas R O S I C K Y – little Mozart

thomas and Radka







mikel A R T E T A’s wife the former Miss Spain Lorena Bernal

The Arsenal midfielder’s wife possesses true beauty..







robin van P E R S I E and wife Bouchra

RVP, Bouchra , Shaquel and the little Persie ==============>>>







Robin Van Persie has  a second wife ============> 





alex Song and family…

<== the little kid looks like Balotteli though…lol

lovely couple ————>>>




bacary S A G N A and wife



hmmmm =====>>> >>>





part 2 to feature Santos, Vermaelen, Gervinho, Ramsey and Jack Wilshere…

which is your favorite among the ladies above..??


11 thoughts on “Wives of Arsenal Players Pt.1

  1. Damn!! Maybe I should’ve been a footballer. Beautiful women.

  2. Hahahah I love RVP’s second wife !!

  3. RVP second wife is lovely also Alex song wife is African ok

  4. I want sq 2 take tittle this yr

  5. all the merit goes to my cameroon brother ,his wife is fabulous and beautiful . african are the best , our beauty is marvelous.


  6. arteta,u have a queen in your home.jah bless

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